A few observations on the changing trends in tv viewing

Remember when you had to sit through a bunch of commercials in front of the tv waiting for your favourite show? Now you can smoothly watch it from your smartphone on your commute.

When looking at the meaning of online video streaming statistics, we can likely guess with some degree of confidence that the trends of internet-based intake of media are just going to go up in the near future. Modern society is experiencing a phenomenon referred to as the cord cutting demographics, which indicates the amount of people – increasing every year – of households that do not see a tv and a cable service as a necessity, and instead base their content viewing solely on internet platforms. Figures such as Netflix’s major shareholders are well aware that, by providing a reliable service with frequently updated content, and effectively no adverts, consumers are very fascinated by a service that caters to their needs, and are happy to pay regular fees in exchange for no break, entire seasons accessible at any time, and the avoidance of all the little annoyances found in the conventional tv broadcasting.

Some platforms have actually been handling both tv solutions and online ones for the past few years, taking the greatest of both worlds. One of the advantages of these platforms, as displayed by the interest of Sky’s activist investors, is that it is much easier to broadcast content such as live events. One may wonder why live streaming is important, seeing as we can watch whatever movie at any time on normal streaming platforms, but simply think about those events that should truly be followed in genuine time to genuinely live in the instant of the surprise. This is the case of the impending award season, where right away when a winner is announced there will be news reports all over the internet ruining your revelation if you plan to watch it later. Another evidently important sector is that of sports: the best streaming service for sports will make its consumers appreciate that championship final from either their sofa and large tv, or from their smartphone if they are on the go, so they can celebrate in real time with all the other lovers of their favourite team.

Looking at the internet vs television statistics, particularly as the variety of content grows exponentially and, if a piece of content is not that amazing anymore, the customer will merely look for something better, it is extremely essential for companies to produce good quality content. The likes of HBO’s executive figures are recognised for introducing the most famous tv shows, which have essentially shaped pop culture, and have actually a loyal audience around the world. By making these contents available online, the video streaming industry growth might be employed by TV giants to distribute their content.

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